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The American Dream

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

I have tried to keep this blog free from “funny blog posts”. This is an exception.

I got the link to the video from my boss. I guess he sent it to me because I just returned from a seven-month visit to California.

If you didn’t know it yet we are involved in this “education business” here in Helsinki. We are running this Media Lab. It is a department at the University. We are luky to have a chance to work with creative people – students, designers, artists and researchers. We are doing pretty ok. I am happy to be back here. Almost feel like at home.

I have learned to like many things in US and especially in California (*. Ultimate freedom of speech is obviously one of them. On a meta level this video is about it. George Carlin’s points are relevant largely in the whole western world. The question is why people in the audience are laughing? Is anyone listening?

*) There are also many things in US that are simply impossible for me to understand, but so are there in every country – especially in Finland.